School Visits

Interacting with young readers is one of my favorite things about being an author. I’m also an educator with over a decade of experience, so speaking with students is something that I am very passionate about!

When I was a child I was taught that only “certain types” of people could become authors. I thought that writing was a talent, and you either had it or you didn’t. When I speak to students, I try to break down this myth. I want them to leave my presentation knowing that writing is a craft, and with practice anyone can become a writer.

“I think this was my all-time favorite event I've ever [arranged] with a school. The students were all so engaged and asked fantastic questions. Christina was kind and welcoming to everyone, so that even our shyest students felt comfortable sharing their thoughts with the group…She gave the students a better sense of what it is like to be an author.”

—Stephanie Saba, San Mateo County Libraries

“Christina was warm and friendly in the way she connected with my students. Her presentation educated students about the creative writing process and inspired them to be patient, whimsical, open-minded, resourceful, and thoughtful in their own writing” 

—Francis Moore, Librarian, Hunters Creek Elementary

“It was such an engaging and wonderful experience.  This group of students has always been such avid readers and love to talk books; so it was the perfect fit for you to present to them! Your presentation has left them eager to read new novels and they are begging for the list of suggested books you gave them.”

– Thi Le, Hosp Elementary


  • My upbringing as a child of immigrants (if any students have a longer last name than me, they win a prize!)
  • My passion for science and math, and how I followed that passion and became an engineer
  • The stages of book creation, from idea, to first draft, to publication
  • Why the writing process is a lot like the engineering process
  • The two most important things to do if you want to become a writer
  • My favorite books that they need to check out from your library!
  • Some super secrets about how book covers get made

My author presentations are:

  • About 1 hour long, and I always leave time for questions
  • Best for 3rd-8th grade
  • Interactive, engaging, and fun!
  • Adaptable for small or large groups
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