In addition to being an author, I am also an educator with a passion for inspiring children of all ages to develop a lifelong love of reading. As a STEM Educator, I travel the country consulting on increasing student engagement in the sciences. I have a decade of experience in the museum education field and hold an M.S. in Science Education from the University of Texas at Austin.


My presentations are interactive and fun, and combine my strong STEM background with my experiences as a fiction writer. 



School Visits

During my visit with your students, I will draw on my experiences as an engineer, a first-generation American, a fairytale fan, and an indoor skydiver. Oh yes, it all relates to writing! After our time together, your students will view themselves as the heroes of their own stories and know that anything is possible if they keep working towards their goals.

During my talk we will:

  • Have a contest for the longest last name (sorry, but I usually win this one!)
  • Talk about why writing is a lot like engineering
  • Learn that the human brain evolved to listen to stories
  • Claim a true and remarkable character trait for ourselves
  • Talk about rejection and perseverance (I’ll share some of my juiciest rejection letters!)


Grant Writing Workshops for Teachers/Librarians

Before I became an author, I spent a decade working for museums, where I wrote and co-wrote grants that secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding. I know first-hand that grant writing is something all educators have to do, whether they have the training or not. One of the biggest secrets I learned is that the most important thing to accomplish in any grant proposal is to tell an engaging story.

During this fun and fast-paced workshop, I integrate fiction-writing techniques with grant writing basics. I have presented this session at teacher conferences and it has been standing room only! I will help you build the tools to get the funds you need.


“Christina was warm and friendly in the way she connected with my students. Her presentation educated students about the creative writing process and inspired them to be patient, whimsical, open-minded, resourceful, and thoughtful in their own writing”  —Francis Moore, Librarian, Hunters Creek Elementary


“The students were certainly excited by her presentation.  It was as if she was having a personal conversation with each of them.” —Judith Lafitte, Octavia Books



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